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Wright Kingdom’s New Phone App

Wright Kingdom has just announced that they released a new smart phone application to guide both buyers and sellers in home searches. Click the image below to view a promo video about the app. The Wright Kingdom phone app can be found by searching “Wright Kingdom” on your smart phone’s application provider.

phone app

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3200 Carbon Place, Boulder, CO

The most amazing views of Flatirons & twinkling city views at this price point in Boulder. Ride your bike everywhere from this great location in the heart of Boulder. This high-end loft features hardwood floors; south sun exposure; large patio; one reserved parking spot; open floor plan; engineered stone countertops; stainless & black appliances; elevator access; handicapped accessible; beautifully remodeled bath w/travertine; & beautiful slate!

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Boulder Area First Quarter Market Stats


Average Sold Price Comparison Q1 2010 to Q1 2011

Average Days On Market Comparison Q1 2010 to Q1 2011

Average Days On Market Comparision Q1 2010 to Q1 2011

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Is This A Good Time to Buy A Home?

There are always people willing to sell you a house, but is it a good time to buy?  According to the analysts at the research firm Capital Economics, residential properties are more undervalued relative to income than ever before.  The depreciation of homes due to downward market pressures from distressed properties, like foreclosures and short sales, and the record low mortgage rates have created a wonderful opportunity for buyers.  Capital Economics analysts say that based on industry home price data from the fourth quarter of 2010, when measured against individuals’ disposable income, housing was 15-21% undervalued.  Read more of the details.

Remember, these numbers are national figures and may be more or less depending upon your area.  Check with a trusted real estate advisor to learn more about your area.

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If Donald Trump Was Handing Out Financial Advice…

…would you be interested? 

This is an interesting quote by the financial genius.

Source: MSN, Case Shiller

Real Estate ROI from January 1, 2000 through March 1, 2011

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More Positive Signs for Housing

The single most asked question I get as a Realtor is, “how is the market?”  I’ll be the first to admit that as much as I read about real estate and try to understand the market, the answer to that question over the past two years has been a bit of an uncertainty.  The economic experts seem to provide conflicting reports on the state of our economy and that makes it difficult to have confidence when answering the real estate question. 

One thing is clear; the number of positive articles, blogs, and economic forecasts have slowly been rising over the last six to nine months.  It is refreshing to hear more and more good news about job growth, GDP growth, and most importantly (in my opinion) is consumer confidence.  It is obvious that some areas, like Michigan, are still very severly affected by job losses which has compounded the housing downturn.  Some areas will be in recovery mode for years to come. 

The good news for us in the Colorado market is that we have been on the front end of the housing recovery since it started.  We did not have the high increases in home prices when other parts of the country were soaring with 15+% increases per year.  Because we did not have the artificial jump in prices, we did not have as far to fall when the market turned.  

I’m a big fan of stats and I’ll be posting the year end stats for 2010 very soon.  Until then, here is another article by an expert that has some good stats included.

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Help May Be Available

One of the most difficult aspects of being a Real Estate Professional in today’s market is helping folks who are struggling to pay their mortgage.  It is challenging as a professional because the ins and outs of the foreclosure or short sale process and the options available to avoid foreclosure are constantly changing.  It is difficult as person because I care about the people who contact me for help and it is difficult to watch them struggle through a difficult time.  As you might imagine, over the past couple of years those types of questions have come more frequently.  The good news is that there are programs designed to help! 

There are programs specifically created to help homeowners avoid foreclosure and remain in their homes.  There are options available to refinance or modify your loan.  There are programs to help people modify a high interest rate second mortgage.  There are non-biased third party organizations created to help people navigate all of the options and determine the best course of action. 

One viable option to avoid foreclosure is a short sale.  A short sale is when a lender agrees to take less for the house than what is owed on it.  The home is listed on the market and sold to a buyer for less than the current mortgage amount.  A short sale requires approval from the lender, because the lender is agreeing to be “shorted” the difference.  While a short sale will not save your credit, it can be less damaging than a foreclosure. 

Every case is different, and sometimes the best choice is foreclosure.  There are many reasons people find themselves considering a foreclosure or short sale; medical expenses, loss of job, maturing adjustable rate mortgage, pending balloon payment and others.  If you or someone  you know is thinking about a short sale or foreclosure, here are some things to keep in mind.

1.  Don’t wait.  Many times a short sale requires time to communicate with the lender(s) and get your home on the market.  If there isn’t enough time the lender may decide to proceed with a foreclosure.  Get help before you miss your first payment.

2.  Check out your options.  There are several options available that may help.  Check out this site for details:

3.  Connect with a Housing Counseling Agency.  Here is a link to the local agencies that may be able to help:

4.  Do not rely on second hand information.  If you want immediate answers and quidance you can contact the Colorado Foreclosure Hotline at: (877)601-HOPE or (877) 601-4673

5.  If you just need some help managing your credit, budgeting your money, debt management contact a credit counselor for confidential help:

This is not a fun subject for any of us, but it is important information if you or someone you love is facing foreclosure.  I hope you find this helpful.  As always, call or email me if I can help.

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What Projects Should You Be Considering for Your Home?

There are a lot of questions about real estate in today’s market.  As a Realtor, I hear one question a lot.  “What can I do to fix up my house without over doing it?”  In other words, how do I get the best bang for my buck?  There is great information out there about what projects have the best “pay off” in terms of increasing the value of your home.  The real tricky part is that each home is different. 

It is impossible to give a blanket answer to the question, “how is the real estate market?”  It’s like asking what is the national weather forecast for today?  The question just doesn’t make any sense.  The same principle applies when we talk about getting the best bang for your buck with home improvements.  There are just too many variables.  Your home may be very different than a friend’s home, so there is no magic answer.  However, there are some questions to consider when thinking about a home remodel project:

  1.  How long do you plan to live in the home?  If you plan to sell the home within a year and you are “prepping” it to sell, the projects may be different than if you are doing it for your own enjoyment.

  2.  How much equity do you have in your home?  When you consider the current market value of your home and subtract what you owe on your mortgage, what is that amount?  It is good to know if you owe more on your home than it is worth in today’s market before you spend money on improvements that may not yield much when it comes time to sell.

  3.  What is the condition of the systems of your home?  How old is your furnace, windows, water heater, AC, roof, siding, etc.? 

There are other questions to consider before making the plunge.  The value of your home relative to the neighborhood is a big factor to take into consideration.  It is very important to understand at what point your remodel project turns from an investment in your future to consumer spending; and each neighborhood is different.  Another important thing to consider is what updates are needed that are more functional than cosmetic?  (Question #3 above.)  I find that when people are thinking of updating their home they want to “see” some upgrades or improvements for their money.  It is not always fun to spend a bunch of money on your home and not really see much to show for it because you spent the money on the systems of your home.  However, spending your money on those items may be your best investment.

I’ve attached a link to the leading source of information on this subject for our area.  Remember, each home is different so please do your own research before diving into a big project.  Check out the numbers here.

There is an article that goes along with these numbers that you may also find interesting.  Cost vs. Value: Help Clients Stretch Their Remodeling Dollars.

Do you need the names of some trusted contractors?  Would you like to know where your home value stands now?  Would you like to have some suggestions on home projects that make sense for your home?  If so, please call or email and we can answer those questions together.

I hope you find this useful information.  If there is anything more I can do to help please let me know.



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This was a fun!  I got to study the ins and outs of negotiations from one of the best teachers in the state.  We learned about some very interesting ideas and case studies.  I really enjoyed the live negotiation practice sessions! 

I’ve been negotiating contracts for over 17 years now and it has always been something that I’ve enjoyed.  When I found out about this negotiating expert designation I signed up right away.  It is arguably one of the most important designations available for someone who negotiates on behalf of others.  I’m grateful to have had the experience and look forward to putting it into practice!

Certified Negotiation Expert Designation

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Keith was recently honored in 5280 magazine for the 5 Star Realtor Award for 2010. When you choose to work with a 5 Star Realtor you are choosing someone who has scored the highest in overall satisfaction in their area.

When Keith started in Real Estate in 2002 he made a business decision to work exclusively by referral because it allows him to provide exceptional service to his clients before, during and after each transaction.

If you choose to work with Keith you too can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are working with an agent who has been researched by an independent company and received top marks.